Functional Groups; Structural Isomers

Feb. 7, 2014

Study for Quiz (Tuesday)

Do “Identification of functional groups” worksheet (handout)

Read “Handedness, drugs and molecular shape” (handout)

Read pgs. 25-27 Do #2-6 pg. 28 (note: errors in Figure 4 on page 26 – carboxyl and acetone diagrams are incorrect)

For Kevin – Cracks in the Periodic table

By amanbodh1966

Acids, Bases & Buffers

Feb. 6,  2014

Quiz on Monday (includes today’s material)

Read pgs. 21-23 Do Q# 6-11 pg. 24

Sciam Biology Presentations Outline

Rubric (SCIAM) Presentation
Choose a SCIAM ARTICLES (2009-2013) – by date

Confirm Research Topic: Thurs. Feb. 13
Progress Check #1: Thurs., Feb. 20
Progress Check #2: Wed. Feb. 26
Presentations Due: Thurs. Mar. 6
Closure: Mon. Mar. 17

Presentations begin: Mar. 20

By amanbodh1966